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How to insert Page-break in WordPress posts


Method 1 –

How to insert “Next Page”/ “Page Break” button in WordPress Editor

In WordPress we can separate post/pages using <!--nextpage-->. It’s hard to remember the tag, and you need to add it using “Text” editor, not visual editor. This is  how you can add “Next Page” or “Page Break” button in Visual Editor, Just like this:

  1. Install this plugin name Page Break  from here 
  2. Activate the plugin from plugin dashboard pagebreak in wordpress
  3. Now you can find a button to insert page-break in your posts


pagebreak in wordpress visual editor

Method 2 –

Keyboard Shortcut to Add Page Break

You can also use keyboard shortcut (Alt + Shift + P) to add Page Break.

Result Of WordPress Next Page Feature

As you can see, this post have two pages. Click “2” to view the second page.