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50 Must have WordPress Plugins 2016



It’s almost mid-2016 and it’s been an eventful year for WordPress enthusiasts. Ready to test your WordPress plugin jargon? Think of this list as an intermediary test for WordPress plugin knowledge.

About 40% of the plugins in this list are very common – anyone who’s spent a few months using WordPress would’ve heard about them. A few of them are directed toward digital marketers – and we also have plugins to help local businesses.

We’ve tried to describe each plugin as briefly as possible. For a few cases, we’ve also mentioned some notable alternatives which you should know.  So sit back, relax and enjoy this half a century plugin list.

1. Easy Updates Manager

01 easy updates manager wordpress plugin 2016 wpexplorer

This plugin helps remove the chaos from updating WordPress and its components (read: themes and plugins). You can fine-tune you upgrade configuration with major/minor/developmental updates, theme and/or plugin updates and their combinations. Oh and it supports Multisite as well!

2. Disqus

02 disqus commenting system wordpress plugin 2016 wpexplorer

Disqus and Livefyre are the two most popular comment management web-services which also work in WordPress.  They integrate a community of followers, social media and effective counter spam measures for simple, real-time commenting. Disqus also plays nice with WordPress – it does so by leaving a copy of all the comments in the right places (i.e. in the correct tables) inside the WordPress database.

3. Disable Comments

03 disable comments wordpress plugin 2016 wpexplorer

While you can individually disable comments in each post or page in WordPress – it certainly can take a lot of time if you run a site with 1000+ posts. This is where the plugin comes in handy. It enables you to disable comments for any post type (i.e., a post, page or any user defined post type) from a single option. It also supports WordPress multisite making it an extremely effective tool for network blog publishers.

4. Broken Link Checker

04 Broken Link Checker wordpress plugin 2016 wpexplorer

Having broken links damaged your SEO scores. It also tells your visitor that you’re careless or that you don’t care about them – even if you deeply do. It is only but natural that broken links will be generated over time and you cannot afford to let them be. That is why you use this plugin to rid your WordPress site each and every broken link. It can check posts, pages, comments including custom post types. The search parameters are highly configurable and it can also email you when broken links are found.

5. Theme Check

05 theme check wordpress plugin 2016 wpexplorer

While most themes downloaded from the are up-to the recommended standards and best practices, it is important to check all themes, especially if you purchase them from external theme shops like Themeforest.

6. Restrict Content Pro

06 restrict content pro wordpress plugin 2016 wpexplorer

Developed by WordPress veteran Pippin Williamson, the free version of the Restrict Content plugin will show content to only registered or logged-in users. The real power lies in the premium Pro version of the plugin using which you get kickass features such as – PayPal integration, discount codes, report generation and much more.

7. Duplicator

07 duplicator wordpress plugin 2016 wpexplorer

This nifty little plugin takes the stress out of migrating a WordPress site from one location to another. It enables you to effortlessly copy, transfer or clone an existing WordPress website to another location.

8. BJ Lazy Load

08 bj lazy load wordpress plugin 2016 wpexplorer

This is one of those must-have performance improvement plugins. It essentially loads images only when it is visible in the visitor’s viewport, by replacing the images with a placeholder. In other words, the plugin only loads images when a visitor scrolls down so see them. This improves loading time and saves bandwidth for both parties.

9. WP Smush – Image Optimization

09 wp smush image optimization wordpress plugin 2016 wpexplorer

While deferring the image loading process is a good idea – it’s probably a better idea to optimize and compress the images beforehand – and that’s exactly what this plugin does. It also has a batch processing capability wherein it optimizes all old (possibly un-optimized) images (plus the Pro version offers even more optimization options).

10. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

10 yaarp wordpress plugin 2016 wpexplorer

YARRP displays related content from your WordPress site below your post container or on the sidebar. This activity undoubtedly decreases your site’s bounce rate. You can also promote your services or display ads in these places. However, that (and a lot more features) are available in the commercial version of the plugin.