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Ubuntu Social Media Kit added to Ubuntu Play Store

Ubuntu social media kit in Ubuntu play store
Ubuntu social media kit in Ubuntu play store

On Wednesday, Author of Ktechpit.com- Keshav Bhatt released first version of his new application “Ubuntu Social Media Kit” , which basically aims to provide various social media application in one package, So the application currently provide you native application which are able to run standalone on your system and integrate with your system to show push notification ,create sounds and run as system tray app in background.

All the application contain one theme mode which turn the whole look of each application and make it easy for users to use applications at night time in dark room , I mean apps support dark themes- you want run messenger with dark theme on you can, same goes for all other apps. Ubuntu Social Media Kit is now available to download and install from Ubuntu Play Store .

Ubuntu Social Media Kit can be Installed from –

Currently the application can be installed through Ubuntu software center, UAppExplorer by download snap package or by downloading the Debian package from the site here. and you can download appimage and run on any Linux based Desktop distribution

AppImage Download

Download AppImage and mark it executable (with nautilus) or in terminal as

chmod a+x ubuntu-social-kit_latest_amd64.AppImage

double file click to run it.

.Deb Download


.SNAP Download


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Ubuntu play store repo genereator by keshav bhatt
Keshav Bhatt uploading Ubuntu social media kit ver 1.0 to Ubuntu Play with his own developed tool Ubuntu Play store repo generator

Availability of  Ubuntu Social Media Kit in Ubuntu Play Store-

Today Ubuntu Social media kit was published in Ubuntu Play Store (his own Software distribution channel for Ubuntu/Debian based distributions)

Screen shots of Ubuntu Social media Kit apps running on Ubuntu Desktop :

Also try Ultimate Media Downloader for Ubuntu.

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