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Snapcraft-GUI version 2.0 Released Download


Snapcraft GUI is Graphical user interface to create and manage snaps packages  using Snapcraft and Snapd respectively as the backend, software is written in C++/Qt by Keshav Bhatt.

Download Links :

Changelog of version 2.0:

  1. An example snapcraft.yaml built in snapcraft-gui just to build a snap       and test all features and commands.
  2. Check for updates on startup, to ensure the user is running the latest     version of the tool.
  3. Add an icon to gui.
  4. New syntax highlighter.
  5. Editor now have settings which are saved and loaded in next session.


If you are having trouble or would like to help out, join ##snapcraft-gui on freenode.

Kiwi IRC (IRC in your web browser) link: https://kiwiirc.com/client/irc.freenode.net/##snapcraft-gui

Join the chat at gitter

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How to build from latest Source

To build the source package:

git clone https://github.com/keshavbhatt/snapcraft-gui.git
cd snapcraft-qt/

Make sure you installed dependencies listed in the dependencies file. Few of them are here:

tree // sudo apt install tree
pastebinit // sudo apt install pastebinit 
snapcraft //sudo apt install snapcraft

Screenshots Snapcraft GUI :