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LightMusic -lightweight Music player Ubuntu Linux


    LightMusic – Beautiful and Fast Music Player for Ubuntu


LightMusic ( lightweight Music player Ubuntu Linux )

Developer – Keshav Bhatt

Contact – keshavnrj@gmail.com

Available on – Ubuntu 12.04 +

Other / Related Project  – KmusicPlay (Advance Media player / manager for Ubuntu Linux )

If you are looking for a lightweight media player that couples capability with a tiny footprint, lightmusic can be choices that you may wish to take a look at.
LightMusic  comes with interface that is clean and intuitive, since Music Player is almost done using QML it runs with tiny footprint on your system. LightMusic is quick to launch and keeps memory usage fairly low.
Depending on how many songs you load into its library, the RAM requirements can hover close to the 75 MB cutoff that I use as one of the criteria for lightweight.
Its a beta version of app and we are working hard to bring all essential features as soon as possible.


  • Ctrl+O – Open Music Library
  • Ctrl+P –  Toggle Playlist View
  • Navigation Key Down – Volume Down
  • Navigation Key Up – Volume Up
  • Navigation Key Forward – Seek audio forward
  • Navigation Key Back – Seek Audio backward
  • Ctrl+Navigation Key Back – Play Previous track
  • Ctrl+ Navigation Key Forward – Play Next track
  • P – Toggle Play-Pause
  • Ctrl+J – Search / Short Playlist
  • Ctrl+Q – Quit Application

Key Features:

  • Light-weight
  • Fast with tiny RAM footprint
  • Mostly written using QML
  • Beautiful GUI
  • Smooth Animations and transitions
  • Online Album-Art
  • Lots of shortcuts
  • Better Controls
  • Fast Play-list filtering
  • Transparent Application background
  • No window manager Borders and controls
  • Built-in Window Management controls
  • More coming soon …… Its first Beta release πŸ™‚ πŸ˜›

Download :

Screenshot :


Support Development or help Contact me :

 Keshav Bhatt