Home Linux The kMusicPlay App – next generation Music Player for Ubuntu Linux

The kMusicPlay App – next generation Music Player for Ubuntu Linux


kMusicPlay – next generation Music Player for Ubuntu Linux

Development state : Stable

Current version : 0.2

Home Page : https://apps.ubuntu.com/cat/applications/kmusicplay/

Founder & Developer : Keshav Bhatt  https://launchpad.net/keshavnrj  ( Facebook profile )

Ubuntu Repository :  ppa:keshavnrj/kmusicplay

Main Language : C++ , Qml , Javascript , bash

Tested on : Ubuntu 14.04 Ubuntu touch SDK

Description :

Your entire music and video collection in one place. Play any audio / video file without any obstacle. kMusicplay support literally any type of music file, from HD or lossless files (like FLAC, ALAC, WAV, etc), to popular compressed or lossy files (like MP3, AAC, etc). kMusicplay also support all video formats and play them seamlessly with the all new Video mode. kMusicplay is elegant ,powerful, with so many controls . Most Important feature kMusicplay is lightweight app is totally written in Qml and uses Ubuntu touch UI components to draw GUI hence most lightweight and fast GUI based media player ever . In App animation and transitions takes the media player to new level . You can save Last Played Tracks so you never need to load tracks again and again , kMusicplay grabs Album art , Lyrics and other details of currently playing song on the fly with its all new metadata interpretor Klyric Engine beta , so many other features like slide to remove song from play-list , Playlist Quick Filter, with all basic features a music player have are available. If you love app and want more features please give five stars and provide your features request and feedbacks by commenting after installing app. If for some reasons app didn’t work properly then provide the feedbacks by emailing me. Thanks,

Screenshots :