Spirituality and Religion, seems as if both are country cousin to each other. Else could be construed as two concentric circles encircling one another. What has circumscribed what, is still a dilemma .Is it spirituality that has environed the religion or is it the religion that has contrived the wreath around the spirituality? Did spirituality germinate out of the religion or the religion evolved out of the spirituality? What are the answers to this catechism? No one knows about the romp played amongst both of them. Religions are sparse into this world: Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism are handful amongst them.

Religion may be acknowledged or catered as a pile of credence, conjectures, divination and surmises that a particular chunk of society follows frantically in a pell-mell way since generations. Whereas spirituality is something that emanates from profound within the human soul irrespective of any religion. It is the essence of corporeality and unearthliness that paves the way between human and the ‘JEHOVAH; JAH who is the Absolute and Infinite Spirit more often than not christened as GOD into this materialistic world. Her Highness “mystification” still prevails onto her throne as to who is the prime mover of whom. Is it spirituality that concentrates more on GOD or is it the religion that takes us conterminous to the Almighty; the King of Kings

Religion might be personified as a ‘blind bat’ that circumnavigates via echoes produced by their religious heads wherein the devotees do not utilise their cognitive regalia. They, fickle-mended ensue the norms set by their materialistic lords. Yet another wringer arises i.e. Where does that God dwells who permits the sinless animals be slaughtered by the beasts in guise of human being. These tongue-tied beings are cooked as sumptuous delicacies and gobbled up by the “very obedient religion seekers”. They’ve fallen as the prey of Religion. There has been a lump sum of malevolence as such, that has taken abode beneath the sinful blanket of Religion. Sacrificing the mousy animals by the real beasts to gladden God has always been a trend and a way of asking God to bestow and shower upon his blessings upon the “very religion engrossed people” performing the heinous crime known as “rituals” under section “RELIGION” .It’s the spirituality that, irrespective of any religion, paves the real way to the God because a person devoid of any religion is also capable of making an access to the Creator of the Universe. He does not require a tool named religion to acquire spirituality within himself.