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Impact of today’s lifestyle on our health


To improve our health in today’s fast going lifestyle. We should know the impact of lifestyle on our health then only we can discover the way for healthy lifestyle

Weight gain in every age group of people is a common problem. It arises by eating unhealthy food, junk food, skipping breakfast.

  • Poor Diet leads to poor health. Low nutritious food is one of the reasons for it.
  • Today’s busy lifestyle is also another main problem in metro cities. When both husband and wife having hectic schedules at office and home. Then they do not take proper care of their health.
  • Continues intake of soft drinks, alcohol, packed juice in place of fresh juice or fresh fruits.
  • We spend most of our time on net surfing. It’s good to be updated and socialized but excessive use of this can hamper our physical and mental health.
  • Direct exposure to air pollution, noise pollution, water pollution is also the problem of bad health.
  • Insufficient intake of sleep is also has its bad impact on our health.
  • Stress, it can impact your physical and emotional health and one may also go in to depression due to stress.
  • Smoking Cigarettes, its long term use can cause cancer.