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Play clash of clans on Ubuntu / Linux / Windows


In this post I am going to show you how to install and play Clash of Clans on Ubuntu / Linux / Windows by using Genymotion without crashes. I have tested this application on both Ubuntu and Debian. Genymotion should work for all Linux distributions.


How to install and play Clash of Clans on Linux Tutorial

Firstly, you need to download all these things:

  • Genymotion for Linux: Download at here.
  • Virtualbox for Linux: Download at here. You can find it in the Ubuntu Software Center. or you can install using package-manager like synaptic of software center.
  • Genymotion ARM Translation: Download at here.
  • Google Play for Android 4.3: Download at here.
  • Download the apk file of ROM Toolbox Pro. You can find it easily on Google.

Follow these steps:

  1. Open your Terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T) and type these commands (press Enter each line):
     cd ~/Downloads/
     chmod +x genymotion-2.3.1_x64.bin
  2. Follow Steps and install Genymotion on your system .
  3. Press β€œy” to install it.
  4. Continue typing this command to run Genymotion:
  5. At Genymotion window, click Add to add new Android device:
  6. Choose any Android 4.3 device (Samsung S4 recommend) then click Next button to install it automatically.
  7. Click Run to Run your Android device
  8. Just click simple Next buttons to install it as other Android devices.
  9. Drag and drop the Genymotion-ARM-Translation_v1.1.zip file which you have downloaded onto your Android device homescreen, then click OK.
  10. Drag and drop the ROM Toolbox Pro apk file which you have downloaded onto your home screen.
  11. Open ROM Toolbox Pro then choose Reboot to reboot your device.
  12. After rebooting, drag and drop the gapps-kk-20130813-signed.zip which you have downloaded onto your home screen then Click OK.
  13. Restart your device.
  14. You should find Google Play icon on your device menu now. Open it and search for Clash of Clans or other Android apps you like, then click Install.
  15. Your game should work smoothly now.


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  • Amarnath

    Mega.nz files were not there please update them.

  • Amarnath

    mega.nz files where not there πŸ™ please update them.

    • admin

      Hi , i have updated links to working one please check now ,

  • Student Uploader

    does not bloody work, i cant launch the playstore

    • Keshav Bhatt

      Install the gapp package and try again. Thanks