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How to download and play Pokemon Go right now


I am using this application since I started using smartphones and it works like a charm. This is by far the simplest and most effective app to reduce the screen brightness so that you can check Facebook notification, read news and watch your favourite series when the lights are off.

The free to use app will only take 304Kb space on your Android handset and applies a shade that acts as a dimmer to ensure your eyes don’t hurt. Just tap the screen widget and the screen brightness gets reduced by the pre-set level that you can customise as per your comfort.

Verdict: The most effective and simple to use app to reduce the display brightness.

Blue Light FilterAnother nifty app is Blue Light Filter that filters blue light out from Android device’s screens to offer a comfortable viewing experience. Unlike Screen Filter that dims the display, this app adjusts the screen colour tone to reduce blue light, which is the main cause of strain on your eyes. You can activate/deactivate the app with just one tap.

The app features five filters: Natural, Yellow, Brown, Purple and Light Dark, which can filter 0-80% of blue light emitting from the Android devices.

Verdict: Blue light Filter features a good number of filters to change the display colour tone to offer a comfortable viewing experience.

Night screenNight screen is another free to use app that reduces the screen brightness to protect your eyes from the blue light. The screen brightness level offered by the app can surpass the default settings of your Android devices.

The overlay filter acts as a dimmer to darken the screen that helps to avoid headache and eye strain at night. The app comes with auto-enable & disable feature and one-click widget to activate.

Verdict: A nifty app with one-tap widget to reduce the brightness level.

TwilightThis is another useful app to make sure your eyes are not taking the pain of blue light. The app automatically adjusts the display light and colour to adapt to the time of the day.

Its algorithm filters the flux of blue light after sunset and protects your eyes with a soft and pleasant red filter. The filter intensity can be adjusted to the sun cycle so you don’t need to manually activate the app.

The app even has a preview button to check how the display colours will look upon activating the filter.

Verdict: The application features a preview feature and automatic controls to change the screen’s colour tone.

Velis Auto BrightnessLast but not the least, Velis Auto Brightness allows you to customise the screen’s brightness level and brings some added features to the table. It lets you control your smartphone’s light sensors to offer comfortable viewing experience. You can also create the list of apps that you don’t want to get affected by app’s settings.

Besides, the app comes with a launcher widget with on/off button, profile select button and a brightness graph.

Verdict: The app offers a slew of features and works as a replacement for system provided auto-brightness control.