Thursday, October 20, 2016
i-phone 7 vs LG G5 vs Samsung S7 vs Sony Xperia XZ camera comparision

The Sony flagship we've all been anticipating since the introduction of the X-series is finally here. The Xperia XZ brings further refinements to the...


Google is continuing to roll out its Material Design makeover across its desktop products and it looks like an update to YouTube isn’t too...

Seven months since its first stable release, version 6.0 of the Node.js framework is now available.The Node.js Foundation says that the update brings a...


Snapcraft GUI is Graphical user interface to create and manage snaps packages  using Snapcraft and Snapd respectively as the backend, software is written in...

We have already seen how to install GNOME in Ubuntu 14.04. Now, if you are using GNOME Shell already, why not use a custom...


Here is a simple tutorial to get up to four PS3 controllers working through Xinput on your Windows 8/7/Vista PC. The advantage of this...

Microsoft introduced the Edge browser with Windows 10, the latest version of their operating system. Whilst being a good offering, the browser isn’t mature...

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Deskie Wallpaper Changer Ubuntu Linux
Deskie Wallpaper Changer Ubuntu Linux
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Ubuntu play Store is like Google’s play store by which you get access to lots of third party apps Developed by Developers around the world . Ubuntu Play store and apps listed in it are maintained by Keshav Bhatt (Owner of Ktechpit.

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Hello. Today I will show you how to install Tiger, Leopard, or Snow Leopard on your PC running Windows. This will also tell you...


So you’ve just downloaded Pokémon Go, and your quest to find Pokémon is going pretty well – but there’s a way to get even...

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